Become a volunteer researcher & help protect Queensland school children from a future burdened by skin cancer

Do you walk your dog or drive past your local school when the children are outdoors?
Do you drop-off and collect your own children/grandkids from school regularly?
Do you attend athletics or swimming carnivals?
Perhaps you live or work near a school?

If so, devoting as little as 3-5 minutes once a month to counting hat-wearing practices at your local school is enough to help us improve sun-safety in Queensland schools.

If you want to collect hat-wearing data more often (e.g. weekly) or at several different schools in the area, you are most welcome, but even small contributions are valued and appreciated.

What is involved?

What happens to the data I collect?

The data you and other volunteer researchers collect will be managed in a central database. Data will be collated periodically by season and time of day (before school/ play breaks/ outdoor sport/ school dismissal observations) so that results can be reported back to the schools themselves. That way, school management can see how they are performing relative to other schools in the area.