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These questions are aimed at making sure you understand the extra responsibilities that come with caring for a bull terrier and to assist us in placing the right bull terrier with you.

Please ensure you include all relevant information in this application. Only that information which is provided in this application will be considered in assessing suitability of your chosen bull terrier(s).

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1. Please tell us how long you owned your previous dog and what happened to it?

2. Are there any circumstances where you might not be willing to adopt a dog? i.e. Behaviour problems.

3. If you are not enquiring about a particular dog, please give sex and age of dog you would be interested in adopting.

4. Why do you want to adopt a dog, eg companion for yourself /other pet / for children / watchdog?

5. Have you ever taken an animal to a shelter or released it to another party?

6. Would you be willing to allow a representative to make a home visit at a mutually agreed time? Please note: A property inspection is required prior to adoption, to ensure the safety of your new Bull Terrier.

7. Do you own your home? If you are renting, please provide us with your landlord's written verification that a dog is permitted:

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9. Do you currently have a vet? If so, please provide us their name and phone number so we can contact them for a reference, together with one personal referee. If you do not have a vet please provide two personal references. We reserve the right to contact these referees should the application proceed.

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10. Is there anything else you would like to tell us about you, your family or your interest in adopting a bull terrier? The more information you provide, the better we will be able to determine suitability of a particular dog.

Your Home

11. Number of people living at premises?

12. Ages if under twenty five?

13. Will your new dog have regular contact with children 5 years or under (own children, grandchildren, visiting children) or elderly people.

14. Do you currently have any pets? Please give breed, size, sex and age.

15. If you have a dog(s) are they: Desexed?



C5 Vaccinated?


16. Where do your current pets sleep? Where will the new dog sleep? Please be specific eg kennel, verandah, laundry. If inside, which room?

17. Which areas of the house will your new Bull Terrier have access to, eg backyard and laundry/ kitchen/non-carpeted/other areas? Do you have a doggie door? Are there any areas which are off limits?

18. Is your yard securely fenced? Describe type of fencing (wooden, colourbond, wire etc) and height at the lowest point. If you have a swimming pool is it separately fenced?

19. If no-one is at home, where will your new dog stay? Inside or Outside? If the dog is outside, what type of shelter will the dog have?

20. How many hours will the new dog be without human company for each day?

21. How many dogs are you allowed by your Council?

Breed Knowledge & Experience

Bull Terriers are a strong powerful breed and can be dominating. They require their master to be of a calm and assertive demeanour and to have patience, while rules, boundaries and routines are being established.

22. How will your new Bull Terrier be introduced to your human family members? What specific steps will you take to integrate them?

23. How will your new Bull Terrier be introduced to your existing pets? What specific steps will you take to integrate them?

24. Please tell us what breeds of dogs have you previously owned and have you ever owned a bull terrier?

25. Please tell us what research have you undertaken to find out more about the bull terrier breed?

26. Please tell us how often will you have time to walk your new dog? How long for? On lead or off lead?

27. There is usually an adjustment period, until a new dog settles in, how do you plan to make your new dog feel at ease and how will you cope with the possible complications that may arise?

28. Under what circumstance would you give up your new dog, e.g. family illness, barking, digging, shedding, allergic to dog, destructive chewing, biting, growling, moving house, reactivity on lead, lack of housetraining, cost of food/care?

QLDBTR Adoption Terms & Conditions

I agree that this bull terrier is being adopted for myself and will not be sold, adopted, or given to another party. I agree that this dog will not be allowed off my premises unsupervised. When taking this dog out or travelling by car, I shall remain vigilant and he/she will be secured by a harness and/or collar and lead and will wear an ID tag. I agree that this dog will be a companion animal and will live as part of my family, he/she will not be used as a guard or hunting dog. I agree to care for this dog in a humane manner. This includes providing adequate, food, water, shelter, attention and veterinary care. I understand and agree, that it is a QLD Bull Terrier Rescue requirement that this dog is desexed prior to adoption. I have read, understood and will abide by the Foster/Adoption Guidelines provided on the QLDBTR website. I agree that if I have any training issues or difficulties with this dog, I will contact QLD Bull Terrier Rescue for advice. I agree that if this dog is rehomed as an only pet, I will not attempt to bring other animals into the home. If this dog is rehomed with another pet, I agree to carefully supervise them when they are together and will not leave them alone together until I am sure that there will be no conflict.

I agree to keep QLD Bull Terrier Rescue updated with my current contact details. I agree that if at any point I am unable to keep this dog, I will return him/her to QLD Bull Terrier Rescue, without requesting a fee. I agree that there will be a minimum of a two week trial period, longer if rehoming with other animals. During this time I shall take full responsibility for the bull terrier and will abide by the QLDBTR guidelines, terms and conditions. I understand and agree, that although every dog adopted has been tested for temperament & behaviour, I agree to take on trial/adopt the named dog at my own risk and indemnify and release QLD Bull Terrier Rescue, its director and volunteers, of any and all liability arising from damages to person(s) or property caused by the dog. I agree that all statements on this form are true. If it is found that any statements are untrue, the adopted dog may be confiscated.

I have read and fully understand the Terms and Conditions of this agreement and agree that it is not arbitrary and that provisions herein, are common in pet adoption agreements. I further understand, that if I fail to comply with any of the Terms specified herein, QLD Bull Terrier Rescue has the right to reclaim the dog and to enforce this contract in a court of law.

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