Project Goals
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The Goal of our proposed ICT solution is to aid the students in making them aware of books available for the student who are in need. web based platform will facilitate the exchange or sell of second hand textbooks between students of JCUB. The core concept of our goal is to make use of the platform including various versions of different subjects. As the students feel that the lack of availability of the text books in the library enable one to have stress for no reason. As there is no current platform for exchanging or selling the second-hand textbooks and all work is done only on paper. The website will provide a safe, secure way to search, sell or exchange the old books. The students who want to sell or who want to buy can connect with each other directly on this platform. The second-hand textbooks will be easily accessible and available to the JCUB students. Hence through this platform, books can be made obtainable in no time. It instigates the students to be stress relieved. Books can be purchased in lower price from co-students, just need to express the necessity.

Justification of "Backpack"
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The ICT solution we propose along these lines is "Backpack". It can have a significant impact that can facilitate the Learning System and provide advantage of all the positive and calming benefits that reading has to offer. Many libraries limit themselves to purchase only the materials which are in need / sufficient to the current curriculum to be followed. Assuming that used materials may be in poor condition or the content is not compatible to the structure followed or that the purchase process may be too difficult. The significance of reading books: Books furnish valuable information, they establish an idea based on an ideology. A reader should choose according to their necessity and the content they required. Students by virtue of their habit of sustained study, prompt themselves to read books. Books are not always ready at hand, they are to be selected from an enormous heap. To read all the books even of a subject is a fantastic proposition. In the age of race and extremely busy lives, it is an absurd for anyone to ignore all other essential factors and prefer to study only. But one can obviously utilize a small portion of his total hours in reading books. The significance of Pre- Owned Books: Considering used books in the purchasing program can substantially expand the range and the amount of materials one can collect. The easiest way of extending one's purchasing power, buying used books as they can cut one's acquisitions cost substantially. Range of price, availability, convenience are the reasons for considering Pre-owned books.